You came, you saw and convincingly influenced me!

By Stanley Collymore

In respect of your undeniable love for me, and how consistently
you’ve been in your principled attitude, faultlessly loving and
honest conduct towards me at all times, even from the very
first moment we accidentally met and thereafter decisively
shortly afterwards and with my full and complimentary
approval took to dating me, I’ve been explicitly head
over heels in love with you; so much so that when
you proposed we should get engaged and within
a year of doing so get married, I was so thoroughly overjoyed
with the proposal that you so appealingly and convincingly
championed of us affectionately, freely and reciprocally
sharing our individual life with each other unendingly
that it would have been very remiss of me as well as
a no-brainer option on my part not to have genially
and wholeheartedly accept your proposition that
I become your wife. Presently three years later
on and with me most blissfully pregnant with
our first baby unequivocally healthily on its
way – do forgive me when I say that I was
so overjoyed being with child I curiously
couldn’t resist having a pre-natal scan –
the most favourable and fitting words I
can approvingly say in relation to our
express case as man and woman are:
“Thank Heaven for a job well done!”

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 April 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Fulfilling all or most of one’s personally cherished and earnestly committed to aspirations or life’s ambitions is undoubtedly up there among them, as is the certain and quite encouraging knowledge that you were consciously, and expressly lovingly, born into a caring, devoted and encouragingly to your highly principled and evolving interests both as a child and continuing unchangeably later on in life as the thoroughly well-adjusted adult that you were ably assisted into becoming; but there can unquestionably be no greater credit, reassurance or gratification to be gained than in knowing that you’ve indisputably, justifiably trustingly and reciprocally fallen in love with someone whom you’ve also married, who undoubtedly means the world to you and either is or will be the responsible, loving and a highly motivational figure as father and mentor in the lives of your joint children.

This poem then is in appreciative tribute to all such caring couples and especially those dads who’re allowed to, and accordingly unhesitatingly take their paternal role seriously.


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