A Time For Killing!

By Stanley Collymore

The sanctity of life is something we’re exhorted not only to think as but also actually believe is sacrosanct and to that extent should be roundly acknowledged and honourably respected; and basically there is some truth and merit to that sentiment. That is of course if all those who claim that they subscribe to and avidly in their public discourse support this laudable point of view that they advantageously both hope and expect to continuously benefit from scrupulously and honestly play by the same rules which they vigorously in relation to persons whom they disdainfully regard as completely unlike and by a thoroughly twisted and wholly subjective interpretation of that term that they definitively arrogate to themselves rigorously insist on, then adding insult to an already unjust and unwelcomed injury arrogantly, patronizingly and contemptuously heedlessly go on to robustly demand these specific stipulations off them.

And this is exactly the kind of everyday and rank hypocrisy, double standards galore and loathsome behaviour that Britain and the world at large is experiencing from within the United Kingdom and arrogantly occasioned by the deliberately out of touch and completely unrepresentative Labour Party hierarchy, the coterie of privileged elites amongst the UK’s incestuously inbred and conspicuously adamantly unaccountable establishment; a judiciary that’s significantly honed on cronyism and nepotism and so removed from reality and every day life that it wouldn’t know how to run a bath if it was to instantly save their pampered and parasitical lives or basically have the foggiest notion of what the cost of a litre of milk or the price of a loaf of bread is.

Prized cretins all of them both supported and cheer-led by a corporate and state media that sycophantically and intuitively regurgitates everything these deleterious and determinedly malevolent elements in Britain say and against that backdrop of a militarized police force enthusiastically and just as corrupt it must be truthfully said devastatingly and collectively enforce their sway without any sort of consultation or any desire to have one with the rest of us in Britain.

So why then in Heaven’s name, logic or commonsense and finding ourselves in the most unpleasant circumstances that we find ourselves in as a consequence of their actions ought not us Plebeians as they contemptuously perceive us as not take matters into our own hands and convincingly get rid of them by any means at our disposal, and thus comprehensively physically render these Nazi Zionists, vile traitors, fifth columnists, inveterate warmongers, inured war criminals, delusional imperialists, so yesteryear colonialists and consummately white supremacists like Ian McNicol and their detestable judicial apologists like Beatson, Sales and Macur – DEAD!


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