I’d be a complete fool to ever let you go!

By Stanley Collymore

Please give me your hand in marriage and in return I
shall faithfully promise to you a lifetime of entire
commitment, loyalty, fidelity in all my dealings
with you and, of course, my unstinting love
for you. For no other woman that I’ve
previously met or personally had any
kind of relationship with has remotely,
compared to what you’ve done in my
case, managed to imbue in me the
same level of intense interest
that you’ve automatically and so
comprehensively instilled in me;
turning, as a result, my whole life
pleasurably upside down in
the most compellingly
magical, thoroughly
rewarding and

Therefore, totally bearing all that in mind, and
both sensibly and conscientiously well aware
that my life will be infinitely better off in a
myriad of ways were I to welcomingly
accept on board, boldly take the
plunge, and unreservedly
embrace the complete package of us being
the perfect item together, I would then,
contrary to every conceivably logical
deduction there is, manifestly either
have to be absolutely out of my
mind or else decidedly the most obtuse of men
alive were I for my part to irrationally allow
you to casually slip through my fingers and
away from me by not comprehensively
acquainting you with the full extent
of my emotions towards you,
together with what I most
passionately, profoundly
and quite unmistakably
feel deeply within
this enraptured
heart of

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 July 2014.

Author’s Remarks:
Regrettably, there are some people who go though their entire life earnestly searching for but never really managing to either find or experience that great love which they’ve always dreamt about and had fervently hoped to attain. Others though have it freely and conspicuously thrust at them yet fail quite miserably to recognize, let alone appreciate either the gesture or the extent of the love that’s being proffered to them.

So which of these categories are you in? A rhetorical question on my part actually that doesn’t require any explanation to me nor seeks an answer of any kind from you on the matter. But were you to feel obligated to answer it for your own personal satisfaction or peace of mind, then do so my all means.

However, a word of caution in your ear; be totally honest with yourself should you decide to go down that path. Since to do otherwise would evidently, and rather sadly in my view, lead to you consciously and rather illogically deceiving the only person that actually matters in all of this – yourself!


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