Welcome to the supposedly Brave New World of 21st Century Britain!

By Stanley Collymore

What kind of a Britain are we living in when so many of you either simply stand idly by and watch or worse still unthinkingly or even willingly participate in a system where rank stupidity masquerading as intelligence, rapacious greed compounded by a total indifference to the real needs and aspirations of the genuinely unfortunate: those deliberately left behind or else totally ignored because they’re considered to be of the wrong colour or social class, is regarded as okay and even fulsomely celebrated as though these callous activities are major constructive achievements to be positively aspired to, unashamedly paraded as achievements and justifiably commended?

A Britain where the filthy rich, no matter how illegally or immorally that wealth is acquired, quite literally call the shots and with absolute impunity and unchallenged immunity liberally accorded to them by all concerned but most particularly those who’re constitutionally and legally charged with safeguarding and ensuring the fundamental rights not just of the privileged few but all of us, notwithstanding that though nevertheless still feel they can act, and invariably do, as they please; never mind the adverse consequences that their selfish and premeditated actions might have, and as all reliable indicators suggest, usually and intolerably inflict on others in the process.

A Britain too where the possession of money and even the wanton abuse of it is generally considered to be cool; where morality is what you can cynically and arrogantly get away with and if caught out the abusers can summarily resort to employing and efficiently utilizing the services of a sycophantic and ever obliging media to give a Hollywood Oscar performance style, fake mea culpa professionally dished up on air, and at prime time too, to a significantly brainwashed and intentionally poorly informed, captive TV audience unquestioning of all things that require even a modicum of brainpower, yet both willing and quite prepared to believe everything that it is told.

Is this then the definitive world of contemporary humanity that you really want to heartily congratulate yourselves on having created, where after several millennia of mettlesome evolution, that regrettably led to you, this is the very best that your collective efforts can come up with, while at the same time you conceitedly delude yourselves that it’s all a fitting legacy to pass on to succeeding generations, privileged no doubt to be so honoured you flatter yourselves, to appreciatively emulate and naturally enthusiastically build upon?

Well I thoroughly disagree! And even if I were to find myself in a minority of one over this matter it still wouldn’t make an iota of difference to how I honestly feel!

For how can a nation where the levels of literacy, numeracy and coherent communication is abysmally poor; where these vital skills to a worthwhile life have quite literally bypassed a quarter of those within our population who’re under the age of 50 years of age and are in turn themselves essentially on an intellectual par with the least bright among our 10 year olds yet collectively constitute a people living in a country that prides itself on exceptionalism in many fields of endeavour?

Leading to an absurd situation where it’s now generally though embarrassingly recognized, if not welcomingly accepted by the majority of Britons, that older people and grandparents in the UK can spell and add up infinitely better than their own children and grandchildren, and there are no discernible signs on the basis of empirical research that has been systematically carried out of this alarming trend being forcefully reined in and reversed anytime soon.

So do us all a great big favour folks and stop kidding yourselves that you have a worthy legacy to pass on and for which future generations will obligingly thank you for. For the honest truth is, you don’t! Since you’ve neither the perspicacity nor the intellectual acumen required to embark, as things stand, on such a fundamental life-changing enterprise much less the ability to pull it off successfully. And those of us that unhappily are your contemporaries already know that well enough; and it’s a safe bet too that our descendants much more astute than you patronizingly fail to give them credit for will likewise reach the same conclusion. Thankfully by then you’ll all be long dead and happily for those around totally incapable of egregiously inflicting anymore of your pernicious debacles on anyone else!

The previous contents of this article shown above were researched, devised, written, finalized and waiting their turn for publication long before the jury in the Mark Duggan execution case reached its rather perverse verdict or the disclosure that Metropolitan police constable Keith Wallis had belatedly confessed in court and pleaded guilty to lying and fabricating evidence, in an incident he wasn’t even present at, and known within Britain as the Plebgate Scandal.

What’s new, one could reasonably and quite justifiably ask when it comes to the actions of a significant number of British police officers particularly so where Blacks are concerned; and where the establishment, the police themselves, the judicial system, handpicked jurors and a considerable proportion of the white British public both individually and collectively don’t give a damn, and quite often racially, stereotypically and happily go along with what’s being done. And usually so in the bigoted belief that they’re somehow protecting white Caucasian Britons and ion their perverse thinking as well the values of indigenous Brits, whoever the hell they are in what’s indisputably and for centuries now has been one of the world’s most mongrelized nations of people.

If in doubt ask London’s Mayor Boris Johnson who I’m equally sure will be most reluctant for obvious reasons to admit this; but who unlikely as it seems behind his blonde locks is the fused progeny of Russian, east European, Slav, southern and western European, Turkish and a few other bits and bob ancestries thrown in. yet for all that his Eton educated background and upper class airs misleadingly give the impression to our characteristically brain-dead and willing dupes in our society of everything they’re told that he’s nevertheless the archetypical Brit and risibly indigenous, yes he was born in the UK but that’s all, with it.

In noticeable contrast however the likes of Linford Christie, for example, whose West Indian ancestors in company with my own Barbadian ones who through their blood, sweat, tears and imposed slavery financially laid the groundwork and handsomely but involuntarily paid first for England’s and subsequently with the creation of the United Kingdom Britain’s manifest transformation from a discernible backwater European fiefdom into the global empire that it subsequently became aren’t seen in the same light unfortunately. However one wouldn’t hear Boris Johnson or his ilk openly acknowledging this fact or stating in concrete terms what his or their ancestors in marked contrast did to warrant the privileged statuses they hold but have conscionably never earned in a manner that British Blacks would never be allowed to. But I can hear you all saying that’s life. To which my direct response to the lot of you who think like that is, why don’t you go and get a life!

Meanwhile, there are those following the Keith Wallis confession, prompted unquestionably by his lawyer that in all probability he’ll get a much lighter sentence by admitting even at this late stage to his criminality in a manner that no Black were he or she to do so ever would but would instead find the law cascading heavily upon their respective head, demanding that Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe: the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, forthwith relinquish his job as his position in that role is now untenable, since from the start of the Plebgate controversy he not only declared that he found it impossible to believe that Keith Wallis and the other police officers implicated with him could be culpable of such acts but also openly assured them and the country at large of his 100% support for them.

Now he’s been forced some say to eat humble pie and humiliatingly apologize for his crass remarks. I see things differently however. Why have him resign or kick him out only to put in his place another attendant in charge of the Aegean Stables that comprise Britain’s police forces? Makes no sense to me without the genuine root and branch overhauling of a system known to be essentially corrupt and institutionalized racist in its structure. And what Hogan-Howe is currently doing is simply covering his ass. For he like all other senior police officers across the UK know full well what their underlings get up to, secretly endorse these activities and it’s a fair bet as well that in all of these so-called specialist units or squads instigate their actions too.

For many of those in these so-called specialist squads aren’t Brains of Britain candidates: a fast dying breed nationally let alone in our police forces courtesy of our state dumbed down and X-Factor Simon Cowell approved educational system, but instead are feral sociopaths who have others do their thinking for them and then act on their instructions. So I personally have no sympathy for Bernard Hogan-Howe who was at it again in the aftermath of the Mark Duggan inquest verdict; and the circumstances in my view which he seemingly deliberately puts himself in are either as a consequence of naivety, his abysmal unfitness for the job of Commissioner of Police, or else a calibre of personality not far removed from that of Keith Wallis whom he previously and so fulsomely supported.

I’ve my own view on the matter which I’m perfectly entitled to have although I won’t share it with you’ and whether or not you have one yourself or perhaps lack the intellectual acumen to objectively formulate one of your own that is a matter entirely for you and frankly one that doesn’t interest me in the least.

Interestingly enough the Conservative MP Richard Ottoway said on Sky News on Friday 10 January 2014 that the actions of Keith Wallis are harmful to the interests of the British public and undermine the trust this public places in the police, especially when an elected MP and member of Her Majesty’s Government, his Tory government he means, can be targeted in this fashion and forced out of his ministerial post. The cynic in me though wonders aloud if such sympathy would have been similarly forthcoming or even empathetically expressed if the victim, likewise a member of the same public and equally British, were Black as Mark Duggan was or white Caucasian and working class as in the case of Ian Tomlinson and who moreover had had his life summarily and brutally taken from him by similarly feral police officers, which thankfully didn’t happen in Andrew Mitchell’s case. I think not!

Finally, I also saw on Sky News, Friday 10 January 2014, John O’Connor: the rent-a-mouth so-called media pundit spouting off as usual in his comprehensive and blinkered defence of the police as he always does; beats me but all the same accounts I suppose for how this brain dead moron managed to become the former head of the Met’s Flying Squad. Thankfully his asinine comments that the police shouldn’t be stereotyped wholesale for the actions of one bad apple among them as it were, were proverbially shot down by a fellow white guest who was jointly interviewed with John O’Connor on Sky News, showed his complete disgust at and undisguised contempt for O’Connor’s profoundly stupid remarks and roundly debunked the old chestnut routinely pulled out of the fire every time police malfeasance comes to the fore and inevitably to the public’s notice that these actions aren’t by any means widespread within the police forces of the UK nor are they characteristic of them.

This guest didn’t go on however to mention what anyone who’s cognisant of John O’Connor and what he stands for well know that he isn’t shy of doing the same stereotyping that he’s so keen when it suits his sick purposes to blame others for; and particularly so where Blacks are concerned.

I’ll let you into a little story that I’m sure many of you aren’t aware of. Apart from Australia Barbados was the second largest repository for indentured Irish servants and other proscribed victims that were sent there by repressive British regimes during the colonial period. And to this day, 2014, the vast majority of white Barbadians are of Irish decent; there’s even a very pronounced Irish brogue spoken in the north of the island. Likewise many Black Barbadians have Irish names and Irish blood in them, so there’s a marked fondness for the Irish among many Bajans, as Barbadians affectionately call themselves.

But there are also stories told in the Irish fashion of infanticide carried out by Irish mothers within Ireland itself when they got pregnant in unfortunate circumstances and to some extent it still happens to this day. John O’Connor who from his name is obviously of Irish descent somehow escaped the hazards of infanticide, worst luck. But I’m fully aware too that other than the Roma people the Irish are undeniably among the most abused indigenous people of Europe. Little wonder given those circumstances that some of them become ideal candidates for Stockholm syndrome and behave just as bad and quite often worse than those who abused them.

Notwithstanding that though the Irish are well renowned for their construction work whether it be houses, roads, viaducts, canals or motorways, and they’re to be applauded for this. I just wish that with infanticide obviously and regrettably not an option in John O’Connor’s case that he couldn’t be infinitely more constructive to humanity in general and British society in particular if he were holding up one of our motorway bridges across our green and pleasant land. Just a thought!


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