I’ll do anything it takes to socially survive!

By Stanley Collymore

Why didn’t you tell me that practically everyone knows
we’re having an affair and that you’ve been aware of
this for some time and have kept it from me? Do
you know how that makes me feel? Well, I’ll
tell you! I’m absolutely horrified. I am,
after all, a married woman with a family.
Just imagine what this revelation will
do to my reputation? And I do
dread to think what my husband
will do should he ever find
out; that’s providing
of course that he
hasn’t already
done so.

Then there are my children subjected as they no doubt
will be to the cruel taunts of their classmates. How
totally insufferable for them! And as if that’s
not bad enough I’ll now possibly have to
remove them from their private school
and humiliatingly send them to a
state one; and this after I’ve gone to
such lengths to get them into
the expensive private one
they’re currently

They’ll be utterly devastated if it comes to that,
as this was their main chance in life, even
if it meant their dad and me having to
pay through the nose to do so, for them to get a
decent education, good prospects jobwise as
well as a financially secure future, and not
have to rub shoulders out of necessity
with the growing number of Plebs
this country seems hell-bent on
producing or even worst still
the alarming hordes of
scrounging immigrants
whom we keep
letting into

To say I’m furious with you is an understatement as you
faithfully promised me you’d be discreet; that no one
would ever know about us, just as you willingly
accepted my terms that our affair was simply
going to be a matter of reciprocal and
harmless fun between us with no
strings attached and providing us with the
respective excitement we both craved; in your case
rewarding your insatiable Lotharion propensity
to bed every available female you can and
on my part to use that same titillating
fondness of yours to gratify the carnal
desires you so easily awoke and
sustainably aroused in me and
which my husband doesn’t
and has never been
able to satisfy.

Now this; and all because you couldn’t keep your
mouth shut! For having ridiculously persuaded
yourself that you’ve falling in love with me
and delusionally convinced yourself as
well that I would reciprocate that
love you’ve taken to selectively letting others know that
we’re having an affair. Well I’ve news for you, that
affair is now over! What’s more I’ll passionately
and persuasively lie to my husband, close friends,
work colleagues and everyone concerned, if
I have to, that you’re a fantasist looking
for the main chance, and with your known
sleazy reputation and lack of breeding
who do you think they’ll believe?
A working class, lascivious
loser like yourself or me
with my key social

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 October 2013

This hypothetically stated scenario is in reality, one way or another let’s be perfectly honest about it, replete across the country either in terms where the individual reading about it is personally involved or at the very least knows someone that is. However, judgmental analysis aside by those who’re into that sort of thing, it’s none the less what keeps our society interestingly if at the same time hypocritically sane, or at any rate thereabouts!


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