On becoming a vibrant woman

By Stanley Collymore

Uncontrollable passions surge through my veins for you
as I intentionally throw all semblances of discretion
and rationality out of the proverbial window. For
never before has anyone impacted quite so
instantaneously and emphatically on my life
like this creating in the process a vigorously
swirling and seemingly unchecked whirlpool
of unbridled emotions that have me in a
complete tizzy where everything else
but you is now inconsequentially
implacably and forcefully
shut out of my mind.

How could this be? But more importantly why is
it happening to me of all people, someone who
is unapologetically staid, considered to be
and in actually is imperturbably level-
headed, not given to flights of
fantasy and what’s more is
discerning to a fault?

But your alluring impudence has changed all that and
like a young foal skittishly in oestrus for the very
first time and irresistibly drawn to the assertive
stallion that has triggered her condition in the
first place I too find myself completely under
your dominant spell. So what will happen
to me now I wonder? As I really don’t
know for sure and your guess is as
good if probably not better than
my own. But one thing is for
certain; the previous me is
no more and to be quite
honest with you I don’t
in the least regret
her passing.

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 October 2013

It’s a fact of life whose timing while predictable and well-received by some is none the less fearfully and unwelcomingly tolerated at best by others. However, the inevitability of this significantly transformative occurrence in the lives of so many is one that’s not in doubt; and while it may be delusionally deferred by those who’re either unwilling or unprepared to assume the mantle of responsible adulthood, it can thankfully never be eradicated.


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