ipso facto

By Stanley Collymore

I needed a loan rather quickly and initially didn’t
know where to turn, so in the interim I decided
to rob a bank, as they’ve loads of money to
burn. Unfortunately though, I was soon
apprehended shopped by an inquisitive
neighbour you see, who accidentally
discovered what I’d done and
exultantly told the police. In court
I willingly pleaded guilty and
sincerely apologized for my
crime but even though I’d
returned all the money
that I stole, the bank
still insisted that I
did jail time. The judge agreed and I got 15 years, a
darn sight more than most murderers; and quite
honestly, if you were to ask me, a hell of a
long time to ponder over the folly of what
I did, namely that rather than robbing
bank depositors, in the ham-fisted
manner I had, I should have
curried favour with those in
the City of London and
become an immune
bankster instead!

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 September 2013.


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