I like the feeling you’re causing in me!

By Stanley Collymore

A bright sunny day; 11.42 in the morning. In the square opposite
the Ahla Centre and fronting the lengthy promenade a small
crowd consisting mainly of young people seemingly
content, as any group of people could be, mill
around, while on both roads that run along
the perimeter of this oasis of tranquillity ongoing
traffic: some heading townwards others just as
decidedly away from the city centre add
their lulling contribution to that of the
neighbouring Mediterranean Sea,
creating among themselves a
cacophony of sounds that
rather surprisingly aren’t
discordant to the ear.

I sit quietly and observe not just the
panoramic view but also, and just as importantly,
the quite interesting diversity of life portrayed within its
boundaries, and I think constantly of you. This is your country;
the place where you were born, nurtured and obviously belong. I am
the stranger; but when I’m with you those otherwise glaringly cultured
differences instantaneously melt away into a compellingly strong
bond of physical and emotional chemistry between us, which
absolutely convinces me that I’m falling in love with
you; and that’s a truly wonderful feeling to have.

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 January 2011.

Love is often an unsurprising and even an uninvited guest at many a social engagement but as it usually poses no premeditated problems for the host concerned or those it specifically chooses to concentrate its attention on is almost invariably given a warm and even at times an effusive welcome.


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