Advice to all Bankers

By Stanley Collymore

It’s our money that quite voluntarily we entrust you with
to safely and prudently look after as well as sagaciously
invest on our personal behalf in the expectation that
you will judiciously do all these things, entirely
cognisant at the same time of both the natural
as well as the possible unforeseen variables
which can and do occasionally occur as
spoilers of these laudable enterprises
we willingly subscribe to, and
which individually as well
as jointly we hope to
benefit from.

However, despite all you sanctimonious rhetoric and
grandstanding and the holier than thou attitudes
you pompously strut around with pretending to
be entirely above reproach when evidently
you’re not, we who’re your clients are
none the less decidedly far from
impressed or convinced either by your verbose
and obfuscating remarks or your calculated
actions. So why don’t you clean up your
act, start behaving like normal human
beings and not the plundering pirates
you clearly are yet try so hard to
convince us that you aren’t?

Ethical conduct doesn’t come easy for those who’ve
never been exposed to it or have been taught that
it doesn’t matter I know, but all the same
without it we would all be condemned
to a cut-throat existence where the
baser instincts of mankind would
always prevail. But is that what you really
want if it also meant that you were then
to recurrently find yourselves equally
helpless as we are with you on the
receiving end of those much
stronger and nastier
than you are?

© Stanley V. Collymore
31 August 2013.


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