The encounter surely is what really matters

By Stanley Collymore

Is there such a thing as fate; or do we just subconsciously
or even consciously give unwarranted credence to
this strange phenomenon we label with that
name because inexplicably we haven’t
a logical explanation for what
has actually taken place?

Well whatever the truth of the matter is our quite
fortuitous meeting with each other although
clearly unplanned was uncannily, given
the circumstances of its occurrence,
much more I think than just
an extraordinary

And whether or not you’re firmly of the
view that fate is actually extant or else
like numerous other people who’re
agnostically unconvinced about
there being an orchestrated
divine hand behind it
simply because it
doesn’t really
exist, what’s crucially significant
I believe, in spite of all that, was
our unintentional encounter
and its inherently likely

For surely those of themselves are ultimately
what genuinely matters, and what’s more
are principally the overriding key to
whatever relationship that
might subsequently
develop between
you and me.

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 August 2013.

Destiny, coincidence, a stroke of luck or whatever one might choose to call it the favourable prospects or otherwise of any new encounter in the end depends on how much sincerity, good faith and commitment those involved are mutually prepared to invest in it.

Inspired by and as a sincere tribute to the mystery acquaintance I recently met at Horsham Bus Station, West Sussex and who gets married today, Monday 19 August 2013. Have a wonderful married life!


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