Bright, Feminine and Fearless!

By Stanley Collymore

It’s customary for most politicians when asked why they
entered politics to say they did so to make a difference.
What that difference is, is often at best either quite
vague or never overtly expressed and always
remains an amorphous concept which is
never fully defined or understood.

Nevertheless, most voters by electing them to the public
offices they hold still idealistically trust those whom
they freely chose to be their standard-bearers
and therefore generally assume will not
only be honest with them but also
committedly have their hearts lodged
in the right place and do what’s right where the
interests principally of their constituents but
likewise together with the wider ones of
their country at large will similarly be
paramount, so that the expectations
placed in these MPs and the
aspirations that have been
engendered from doing
so can reliably be
counted on.

Alas, though, this almost blind faith unwarrantedly
entrusted in the assumed probity and even the
competence of their elected representatives
is seldom rewarded, with the instances
of those selflessly fulfilling these
expectations being the rare
exception rather than
the general rule.

But you Clare, in marked and exemplificative contrast,
are a priceless gem glowingly ensconced among
the gaudy and even counterfeit bric-a-brac
of human detritus, and especially of the
political kind, that risibly but even so
is concertedly and routinely passed
off as what it evidently is not; all
to no avail, I must thankfully
add, with prescient-minded
folk who can easily detect,
graciously respect and inspirationally
appreciate the genuine article when
they come across it. And there’s
none to be sure more authentic
or compellingly enlivening
in that latter regard than
your inimitable self
Clare Daly!

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 June 2013.


This poem is an appreciative tribute to with my deepest admiration and enduring respect for Clare Daly: an extraordinary outstanding and redoubtable Lady in every veritable comprehension of that word; Independent member of the Irish Parliament, empathetic human being, fearless campaigner for the practical application of as opposed to the customary theoretical lip-service to human rights or the principles of democracy of her political peers; and who crucially isn’t afraid to speak truth to power or call a spade a spade! Thank you Clare.


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