Bajan Crop Over

By Stanley Collymore

Lift up yuh voices and shout loud and clear
“Crop Over Festival is once more here!”
Uh time fuh fun an’ relaxation too –
nuh inhibitions please, as dat
won’t do! Dere’s dancing
and swaying tuh de
pulsating beat of Caribbean rhydums
dat’ll get yuh moving an’ quickly
pun yuh feet. Dere’s food too
of all sorts: hot, spicy an’
flavoured – a culinary
treat dat will long
be remembered.

And when in de cool uh de evening sun yuh
need uh pick-me-up tuh help yuh carry on,
dere’s Mount Gay an’ Cockspur:
Barbados’world famous rums –
uh absolute guarantee Tuh
warm dose parts uh de
body which couldn’t be
reached by de rays uh de sun. So dat
when de fireworks display and de
great bacchanal are done, it’s
your choice entirely wedder
tuh carry on partying or
mek yuh way home.

© Stanley V. Collymore
14 July 2001

Crop Over is the official Barbadian Carnival. Bajan is the affectionate name that Barbadians give to themselves.


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