The epitome of rectitude

By Stanley Collymore

Recognition by your peers, workmates, friends or even family
members can be and very often is a favourable fillip to one’s
self-confidence, personal empowerment or, significantly,
the fulfillment of much cherished career ambitions.
Acknowledgement however of one’s capabilities
and the explicit gratitude for them by those
who freely and selflessly annunciate
them is correspondingly an even
greater achievement.

And you Debbie have not only impeccably realized them
all, thanks to your consummate skill, professionalism
and unblemished sense of duty at all times, but also
and most importantly as well have achieved
this through your caring and empathetic
nature, itself juxtaposed with a
matured, composed and

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 May 2013.

Footnote: Debbie Iveson is a Scheme Manager with Crawley Borough Council’s Housing Management in West Sussex.


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