You’re wrong!

By Stanley Collymore

It’s neither necessary nor important that during my
vacation at this hotel that you, or any other female
guest for that matter who’re staying here, sleep
with me. It’s not why I’m here, what I expect
or actually want and, importantly, I shan’t
feel as though I’ve missed out on the
experience of a lifetime if this
supposedly pleasurable
occurrence weren’t
to happen.

But please, don’t turn my indifference to this
confused state of affairs into a weapon
against me and use it to deliberately
and disingenuously give the false
impression that the situation
which you and I find ourselves
together in is other than what it really is.
That in reality I’m just the same as all
the other sexual predators, of both
sexes, who you personally
know here and readily empathize with but with
one crucial difference: namely, that my intentions
are the same though my methods are wilfully
more sophisticated to mask this fact. Sorry;
but you couldn’t be more wrong about
that, as the perceived interest by me
in either you or the other slappers
here like yourself is from my
perspective unquestionably
and quite decisively
totally imaginary!

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 January 2011.


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