The height of folly

By Stanley Collymore

How stupid can you be? In a hotel where smoking guests
are overwhelmingly catered for and 99% of the entire
hotel is given over to them, you deliberately come
into the small non-smoking area, sit down, see
no ashtrays around, which to any sensible person
ought to have been a dead give away, get up,
go into the smoking area, fetch
an ashtray from there and then return
immediately to the non-smoking area to foul the
air there; as well as inconvenience and more
importantly put at risk the lives of each
non-smoker present, including that
of my own with your damned
obnoxious habit! How
bloody stupid and arrogant
can one get? And did you expect
too that I would simply sit there,
passively allow this to happen
and do nothing to prevent it?
For if you did then, as
you were found out,
you were badly

© Stanley V. Collymore
3 January 2011.


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