The eye of the storm

By Stanley Collymore

You came wholly unexpectedly into my life doing so
with the force of a major hurricane that thoroughly
dislocated the highly disciplined and well
ordered world I’d scrupulously planned, built,
nurtured and had subsequently surrounded
myself with, creating in the process
huge panic and a sense of deep
consternation within me; because
my much valued independence
was now for the first time
ever genuinely

A situation made all the more alarming for me
because the ensuing conflict that was engendered,
and of which you were undoubtedly the solitary
catalyst, had become one of very powerful forces
intrepidly striving to gain the ascendency over the
other in the ultimate decision as to whether or
not you were allowed to stay in my life or
else be forcibly driven out completely
from the arena of my private
domain. It’s a dilemma which
there’s no easy solution for
until I know precisely
where I stand
with you!

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 December 2010.


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