You’re wrong. Crime does pay!

By Stanley Collymore

How can you purposely look me in the face,
openly say and, what’s more, seriously expect
me to believe that crime doesn’t pay, when
clearly you know as well as I do that apart
from perhaps the armaments industry
the legal fraternity is arguably and
consistently the one ongoing
as well as the fastest and
possibly even the only
growth industry
currently in
the UK?

Tsch man!

What an absolute and calumnious misrepresentation
of the facts. And anyway, why on earth would you
want to go out of your way to say something as utterly
preposterous as that to me of all persons, fully aware,
as you apparently are, of the masive accumulative
contributions in terms of revenue and the recurring
prospects of ensuring that, which my criminal
pals and I, despite your seeming attempt to
blacken our name, just like those among
the barrister and QC lot, constantly
make to all that and, of course,
our flourishing criminality?

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 May 2013.


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