Genuine Love

By Stanley Collymore

Love comes in many forms and manifests itself
in numerous ways; but the best and most
convincing expression of genuine love which
readily springs to mind and that anyone can show to
another person: let alone their own biological son
or daughter apart from asking nothing of them
in return for the love shown to them, is to
strive earnestly and always, even in the
most difficult of circumstances,
to see the good in them.

Then by example and constructive
persuasion, but never pretentious or
gratuitous condemnation, ably assist
wherever and whenever possible
in the permanent eradication of any bad
or potential inimical traits that might
bedevil that person’s character;
and doing so in the ongoing
process of seeking to
make him or her a
much better
person. That was the very least I could
afford to do or wanted in your case;
and whether or not I’ve actually
succeeded in doing so, you
alone my son you must
be the judge of that.

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 January 2011.


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