A redundant pastime?

By Stanley Collymore

Is sex still important nowadays? Only if one wants to delude
himself or herself that it is. Realistically though it’s not any
longer necessary for procreation – IVF adequately takes
care of that already. As a sweetener to marriage or
female financial security it’s no longer relevant,
with the increasing social and economic
independence of women together
with their upward mobility and
the casual acceptance of
promiscuity stark
realities in full swing
and all thrown
into the ring. For pleasure,
mental stimulation and or even sexual satisfaction then?
Sorry; but sport and Reality TV do the same things
emotionally and even physically and, furthermore,
just as effectively and excitingly for most people,
so why bother with sex? Speculatively and
even seriously one must ask what’s its
real purpose? None really you must
concede, except custom, force
of habit and an instinctive
urge for dreary intimacy.

© Stanley V. Collymore
10 January 2011.


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