You inspire me very much

By Stanley Collymore

You are an incredible young woman and an amazing
inspiration: a fertile and welcoming oasis in an otherwise
austere and unforgiving desert copiously littered with
smashed hopes, unrealizable dreams and broken
promises. A cool and invigorating breeze delightfully
tempering the sultry heat of a tropical paradisiacal
island, and from a personal, aesthetical perspective an
exceedingly beautiful woman with a sumptuously
eye-catching figure that strikingly stimulates
the physical and mental senses in a way
which sensually reinforces the huge
positive impact you made on me
from the very beginning and
quite evidently still wield.

Just as your feminine presence with its enervating,
powerfully seductive and enduring sensuality is
such a massive turn-on that only the blind or
totally imperceptive, arguably forgivably
so, are either unaware or else would be
unappreciative of them. All of which
is my personal invitation and the
prelude to my saying to you:
“Welcome into my life!”

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 December 2010.


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