The art of being a skilful and mature medium

By Stanley Collymore

Among the many joys there are in life is the
unchecked ability to unstintingly communicate
with others easily: freedom of expression it’s generally
known as; to be afforded the unfettered opportunity
to do so creatively and likewise effectively and
freely accomplish all this through a confident
and mature medium like WordPress. Com
that’s knowledgeable as well as totally
understanding of what the writer has in mind, what’s
going on, why it’s being done, and doesn’t seek
at all to either circumscribe, prudishly or
otherwise judgementally sit upon
that genuine creativity.

But, instead, constructively sanctions the aforesaid
and intended communication to unhampered and
self-assuredly progress at its own natural and
articulate pace by additionally fostering
a conducive environment where
complete strangers to each other are
accorded every chance to become
acquainted, share ideas and,
empathetically at least,
become firm friends.

© Stanley V. Collymore
16 April 2013.

NB: In recognition of the brilliant work of WordPress.Com, the genius of those in its administration and a sincere thank you to all those who read my contributions and additionally take the time to comment on them – Stanley Collymore.


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